There isn’t much worse than a broken air conditioner in the middle of a heat wave. At Tholen, we train all year to handle any problems your unit may face this summer.

Our team of customer service specialists, skilled service and install technicians, and trustworthy salesman overlooked by experienced management, will do everything we can to make your repair or install as smooth as possible.

AC Repair

Most importantly, We like to do things the right way and will never cut corners to save a few dollars. You can count on Tholen technicians to be knowledgeable and professional. We will listen to your concerns, identify the problem and give you options for repair. We also offer upfront pricing to help you make the decision that’s best for your home and your budget. And after the work is done, we always clean up after ourselves because we respect your home.

AC Replacement

Investing in a new HVAC system is a big decision. We recognize that and want to make your experience as easy as possible.You will benefit right away from a well-chosen system with increased comfort in your home and the lower energy bills you receive each month. Tholen’s service advisors take the time to learn the unique needs of your home and design a system for you that is correctly sized and properly installed.

Many people swear by their favorite brand of HVAC equipment. However, in the 40+ years we’ve been doing business, we have noticed that proper sizing and quality installation make a much bigger difference in comfort, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

How Your AC Works

  • Understanding air conditioning can be a little complicated. A couple of key facts will help you get started
  • – Your AC system pumps refrigerant in a cycle, similar to the way your body pumps blood.
    – Refrigerants are special chemicals that change easily from liquids to gasses at low temperatures. Because of this unique trait, refrigerants absorb heat easily and can cool your home.
  • Most importantly, the Refrigerant is the key to your air conditioner. It acts like the blood for your AC system. It flows through the circuit absorbing and releasing heat again and again.
  • The compressor, which lives in the unit outside your home, is the heart of your air conditioner. It constantly pumps pressurized refrigerant through the system.
  • First, it sends the refrigerant to the condenser fan in the outside unit. The condenser fan cools the refrigerant into a liquid state so it can absorb more heat.
  • After the refrigerant has been cooled, it travels inside your home to the evaporator coil. Next, the blower motor pushes the warm air in your house across the evaporator coil. As it passes, the cooled refrigerant in the evaporator coil absorbs heat and releases humidity. Then, the humidity becomes water that travels down your condensate drain line.
  • Once the refrigerant cools down the air in your home, it travels back outside to the condenser fan to cool off again.
  • Then the cycle begins again.

AC Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best thing you can do to improve the comfort, efficiency, and longevity of your heating and cooling system. Just like your car, your furnace and air conditioner make up a major mechanical system that you use every day.

When you schedule a maintenance appointment with Tholen, you can count on our technicians to be professional and thorough. They will answer your questions and give you a clear understanding of how your system is performing. After your tune-up, your system will be much better prepared to handle the kind of weather extremes Kansas routinely faces.

Fast Reliable Service!

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